first seeds

Attorneys Nader Al-Awadhi, Najeeb Al-Wagayan and Emad Al Saif engaged in legal practice with great professionalism. They began to treasure up experience and experience accumulated and each one specialized in his domain through the past 30 years. The cases and the business they handled had played a significant role in expansion and merging expertise.

Although the office’s headquarters was in Kuwait, cross-border business expanded and evolved to include regional and international dispute settlement cases. A group of the best consultants and lawyers have helped realizing this move. They put their expertise at the service of biggest domestic, American and European firms as well as multi-national companies taking Kuwait and the Gulf as their center of activity.  

(NEN) Al-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif  advanced practice has made the office a domestic and cross-border representative of several banks, investment and insurance companies and family firms. Language has never been an obstacle anywhere, given our team’s potentials.

Legal practicing is about understanding the needs of clients and offering them the proper legal solutions with the professionalism and high competence needed to adhere to standards and time.

(NEN) Al-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif legal office is keen on staying at the forefront and preserving its paramount stature through combining potentials and developing the constant sense of competitive responsibility.

The office is fully aware of the fundamentals on which our consultants and attorneys rely to deliver clients the best solutions. With their comprehensive knowledge of legal and judicial proceedings, our lawyers advise clients to take integrated and decisive decisions.

(NEN) Al-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif attorneys give special heed to the personal relationship with clients . In fact, this gives our lawyers the tools to better understand the background of their client’s needs, businesses and disputes and consequently contribute more efficiently in solving matters for their interest through the most effective procedures and resolutions.  

The expertise of the founders of (NEN) Al-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif has played a pivotal role in building up the experience in diverse legal practices, in commerce, civil, administrative and penal disciplines. The expertise has combined together and this has given the Al-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi and Al-Saif’s legal office preference over other offices, given an experience in legal advisory services and in litigation since more than 30 years.