1-Asset Finance and Leasing

A- Aircraft leasing

(NEN) Al-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif has worked on transactions including aircraft lease portfolio securitization representing aircraft lessors and underwriters. Our clients rely on our expertise in local and cross-border aircraft leasing and financing market with a network of lawyers specialized in insolvency and litigation and tax.

Our firm also provides in-depth advice based on extensive experience of every aspect of aircraft leasing and financing. Our domains include commercial debt financings and tax based transactions, operating leases, securitization of lease receivables, lease and loan portfolio transfers and risk transfer programs, volatility in fuel prices as well as capital markets financing structures and airline insolvencies.

(NEN) Al-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif’s targets range from governmental institutions to lessors and operators. We anticipate our clients’ needs based on the industry’s requirements as firms often need to restructure financing arrangements given the worsening global economic situation. Our clients benefit from our expertise to get the maximum use of their investment in major assets.

B- Asset Finance

(NEN) Al-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif assist in structuring and executing finance transactions based on sound judgments about market needs and regulations. Our clients benefit from advice and guidance on a vast range of capital equipment and facility financings including energy distribution, oil storages, vessels, aircrafts and containers.

Our asset finance team of experts has been adopting an innovative trend to best serve our clients and optimize their financial position through structuring and executing transactions for their benefit. Our clients take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to establish strategies tailored to guide them to fulfill their business ambitions in conformity often complex regulations in tax, M&A, banking, compliance audits, enforcement matters and insolvencies among other areas.  

Alternative investment structures including private equity funds and real estate funds are also a field of Al- f’s expertise. Our team of asset management assists in advising on complex legal structures involving registered and unregistered funds including marketing materials and subscription documents.

C- Leasing

Efficiency and value that lawyers often bring to a transaction is directly affected by the cost of legal service.AL- Wagayan, Al-Awadhi & Al-Saif has a team of experienced attorneys that makes sure every aspect of any complex transaction is properly handled based knowledge, skill and precision.

Our clients can rely on our team’s innovative structures to practically implement transactions that often face legal impediments. We provide solutions for lingering financial issues thus enabling our client to reduce extenuating asset and exit risks. We represent equity investors, lessees and lenders in domestic and cross-border transactions with extensive knowledge in financial, tax and legal issues as well as expertise in structuring, documenting and negotiating leasing transactions.  

Our clients are advised and assisted to determine their status, the characterization of service contracts and the depreciation categorization of property and lease treatment.

2-Infrastructure and Project Finance

A- Finance structuring and documentation

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif is a pioneer in development and finance projects with an in-depth understanding of every aspect surrounding these projects. In this domain, we offer our clients with our expertise in structuring, documenting and negotiating a wide range of financing agreements as well as securing necessary approvals from regulators. Our team in the tax department also helps clients to structure projects to optimize tax benefits.  

B- Construction

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif represents investors, owners, developers, financial institutions among others in mammoth and complex infrastructure transactions including joint ventures, public-private partnerships and acquisitions. Our clients benefit from our specialized team’s scientific advice based on our in-depth knowledge and our relationships in government and industry as well as the effective and practical way we handle transactions, constructions contracts, operation and maintenance agreements and other project agreements associated with infrastructure transactions.

With big projects disputes frequently arise and we are concerned with resolving disputes through legal channels or otherwise. Our team also has a deep-rooted experience in solving disputes through an alternative dispute resolution that basically focuses on financial resolution. Our clients rely on our lawyers’ advice on troubled projects to assess the problem areas and reach acceptable and feasible resolutions short of litigation.

C- Real estate, environmental and planning

Formulating easy and innovative solutions for sophisticated problems is one of our team’s distinctive characteristics.AL- Wagayan, Al-Awadhi & Al-Saif has all necessary resources to practically handle domestic and cross-border transactions and to advise on several sectors raging from oil to telecoms.  Our clients take advantage of our expertise to finance and develop their projects as we offer strategic advice, from complex co-financing to capital market-based project financing, to suit our clients’ needs.

Our firm has been involved in landmark domestic and cross-border real estate developments that require coordinated efforts among our real estate and corporate lawyers. Our team assists in selling, leasing and financing real estate projects as our lawyers represent developers of all sizes, lenders and borrowers in acquisition loans, land development loans, construction loans and letters of credit.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif also assist clients with analyzing environmental issues and managing and mitigating liabilities as our specialized team structures appropriate transactions to encounter environmental risk. We are involved in drafting environmental disclosure for public offerings, setting environmental insurance policies and resolving buyers-sellers disputes among other fields of practice.

D- Strategic communications and public affairs

Enhanced by an in-depth knowledge of the communications sector, our expertise ranges from acquisitions and joint ventures to developing creative and strategic regulatory solutions. is also involved in telecommunications and broadcast practices as our expert lawyers can efficiently handle deals with a deep perception of the commercial impact through which our clients can fulfill their strategic objectives.

Our legal team has the necessary and efficient resources to assist our clients and provide them with regulatory and strategic counseling, competition analysis, service arrangements, domestic and international strategies, litigation, enforcement proceedings and privatization among other aspects.

3-Leveraged Finance

Between normal borrowing to fund companies or businesses and riskier and more costly atypical borrowing, levered finance is employed to fulfill our clients’ specific objectives.
(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif has an important combination of M&A, capital markets and domestic and global banking expertise that enables our team to complete transactions on sophisticated nature.

Our experts advise clients on leveraged debt financing, including integrated bank and bond products, including senior, subordinated and mezzanine debt transactions and bridge financings, based on an in-depth knowledge of the market, regulations and budgetary requirements. We focus on recapitalization of companies and financings of leveraged buyouts. We also assist our clients to obtain asset-based and structured loans to expand their firms in the retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing and service industries.

4-Real Estate Finance

Our real estate finance group has combined their extensive experience from finance, tax and real estate practices. They advise AL- Wagayan, Al-Awadhi & Al-Saif clients, including borrowers, real estate investment trusts and funds and financiers, on property investment and developing financing. Our clients benefit from the team’s expertise in sophisticated structured transactions and their restructuring.

5-Structured Finance - Asset Based Lending

Traditional lending is decreasing in comparison with the use of structured products that have become integrated into mainstream finance services.
(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif provides services for both borrowers and lenders in asset based and alternative lending transactions that are often part of complex deals.

Our team delivers a combined structured finance practice and advises on a wide range of transactions including asset –backed commercial paper, credit card receivables, receivables finance, project bonds and utility financings.

Our dedicated attorneys have an extensive experience in asset based lending and have full knowledge in the changing markets and their impact on future lending practices. They have represented our clients in a number of transactions with an efficient ability to structure a deal that can firmly stand up to restructuring or insolvency proceedings. Our asset based lending lawyers also have renowned skills in determining, assessing and resolving bankruptcy and tax related issues.  We have completed asset based lending transactions in a number of industries including oil and Gas retail, telecommunications, advertising, media, insurance, transportation,  

6-Structured Finance - Debt Capital Markets

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif is recognized by its clients as a pioneer in the capital markets with an extensive experience in structuring and executing the most sophisticated debt transactions.
Our dedicated team applies experience, perception and comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory structures in major jurisdictions to serve our clients in Islamic financing, high yield offerings, equity-linked products and liability management among other areas. We assist investment banks, sovereigns and quasi-sovereigns and corporates to raise and effectively manage debt.

Our team offers clients a flexible debt practice to meet their needs as we work on all forms of debt capital markets transactions, complex debt restructuring advice, recapitalization, amendments and tender and exchange offers. Our highly skilled lawyers have the know-how and the style to execute our clients’ most complex deals without delay.