1- Real Estate transactions

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif has been involved in landmark real estate deals as our lawyers have extensive experience in diverse forms of finance, representing both lenders and borrowers in all sorts of loans and letters of credit.

Our real estate lawyers have the resources and expertise in all areas of the law to work effectively on structuring corporate offerings and M&As for firms with real estate holdings. This involves coordinated efforts among our real estate and corporate attorneys that result in developing effective skills and expertise in handling the transfers and reorganization of real property holdings.

Our clients are offered with a wide range of advice on real estate transactions. They depend on our skilled attorneys who have the resources, the know-how and the comprehensive understanding of the various tools and techniques required to have their complex deals delivered.

2- Investment / purchases

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif advises clients on all aspects of investment and ways to implement exit strategies effectively. Legal and regulatory matters affecting our clients’ internal operations including organizational structuring of their control, profit sharing and compensation is our attorney’s field of expertise.  

We deliver services in all sorts of investments including tax-efficient deal structuring to the satisfaction of regulatory requirements.
Our team prepares and/or review registration statements, advisory contracts, codes of ethics and other compliance procedures.

3- Commercial leases

Our experienced team of lawyers has the resources and the know-how to handle sophisticated commercial leases across a wide range of industries including sale-leasebacks, representing landlords and tenants.
Our clients rely on us to make the best deals amid changing rules and regulations. It is critical that we help our clients understand the hidden costs and risks as our team has the tools, insight and knowledge needed to avoid pitfalls, costly errors and risks. We also offer strategies for dealing with insolvencies in commercial leasing and ways to avoid losing leases and sometimes entire investments.

4- Project developments

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif helps its clients to render their transactions successful as our expert team has the capability to work on innovative and complex projects.

We focus on areas like tax strategies, land acquisition, resorts and other recreation, construction contracts and architect agreements among other areas. With an in-depth knowledge of market and regulatory changes, our team will meet the challenges our clients may face and will seek to deliver practical and constructive solutions.

With our clients’ cooperation, we will swiftly build a comprehensive knowledge of your business and objectives to offer innovative strategies to make your deal be the best.

5 - Special properties (recreational, hotels)

Lawyers at (NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif represent foreign and domestic clients in major destination hotels, resorts, spas and other recreational facilities.

Our clients depend on our experienced group to handle the most complex issues that may rise in this domain including purchase and sale transactions, third-party agreements, management and operating agreements among other areas of focus.

6- Portfolio purchases

Our team of skilled attorneys has an in-depth knowledge about the process involved in selling and buying residuals thus offering clients outstanding opportunities to sell or buy portfolio residuals.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif focuses on portfolio acquisitions, portfolio sales and sale-leasebacks among other areas. Our team has considerable experience in transactions. Our team will work with our clients to come up with the best terms and conditions in any purchase agreement including pre and post closing matters, delivery of documents, liabilities, covenants and assurances.

Our clients are assured that their portfolio is efficiently managed by our group that leverages its expertise to deliver the best deals that meet their demands.  

7- Advice to open-ended or closed property funds

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif has a specialized team involved in a wide range of investment funds including open ended and closed ended investment firms. We provide clients with a full service support and cutting-edge advice on management and administrative issues based on our deep understanding of markets.
We help investors achieve their objectives involving asset classes, shares, bonds, property and cash as we advise our clients on the level of risk in the underlying investments and seek effective, practical and tax-efficient solutions that meet our clients’ demands.

8- Real estate financing

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif  real estate practice offers clients practical assistance whatever their business needs may be. Our team of lawyers can efficiently handle complex transactions and deliver special services in real estate financing. Our real estate attorneys provide advice on a wide range of sophisticated issues while demonstrating a deep understanding of our client’s goals. We deliver assistance to make real estate financing easier including sophisticated structures across a set of real estate asset classes, including hotels and resorts and retail and industrial properties. Our lawyers also have access to a full range of resources essential for debt and equity investments in commercial real estate.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif clients benefit from real estate finance counsel as well as extensive resources in areas including litigation, construction and leasing among other areas of practice. We represent banks, insurance companies, pension funds, finance and mortgage companies and we ensure our clients benefit from our team’s representation of their real estate finance interests.  

We understand our clients’ need for real estate attorneys who have the know-how and the proficiency in documenting real estate finance transactions involving securitized loans or investors in capital market transactions. Our team also has extensive experience in representing clients in negotiating deals and helping them structure their real estate transactions and at the same time avoid costs and delays.

9- Construction law

Expertise and in-depth experience is necessary for complex legal frameworks and regulatory structures in the construction industry. Our attorneys deal with all construction related issues including contracts, administration, negotiations, advice on risks and dispute resolution.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif  construction lawyers counsel clients on troubled projects to assess problem areas and consequences and deliver scientific, efficient and cutting-edge solutions. We know how to protect our client’s interests and present the best case possible. Our group of friendly and pragmatic attorneys delivers assistance to project sponsors, funders, contractors, insurers, and companies to achieve their business objectives.

10- Project management

Domestic or cross-border projects and transactions may involve partnering with governments or government controlled entities making dealing with host governments a fundamental aspect of project management and development.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif lawyers are experienced in advising clients on domestic and cross-border law framework essential to derive equity investment and to support external finance.
Our knowledgeable lawyers deliver assistance on areas ranging from sharing agreements, negotiating concessions, negotiating host governments and developing tax structuring agreements among other areas.

11- Turnkey plant projects

Turnkey plant concept is a complex undertaking that requires in-depth knowledge of processes and expertise in commercial and engineering disciplines. (NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif offers services in turnkey projects including planning based on our lawyers’ deep knowledge in technological and operational processes, environmental regulations, compatibility and market needs, transactions and tax-related issues.