1- Insolvency Structuring

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif clients rely on our financial restructuring and insolvency team’s expertise to deliver scientific and efficient advice on some of the most complex restructuring transactions and insolvency cases. Our team of dedicated attorneys offer a full  service practice with substantial experience in handling all forms of insolvency matters including purchase and sale of assets at bankruptcy sales, M&As of distressed firms, bankruptcy claims trading among other areas.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi , Al-Saif has the experience and capabilities to handle exit financings, cash collateral arrangements and tackle challenges demanded by multi-creditor insolvency proceedings. Our lawyers represent clients in appellate and are experienced in all litigation related to bankruptcy as our field of practice covers both contentious and non-contentious issues. Our clients include debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, acquirers of distressed assets, bondholders, financial advisors, creditors’ committees and more.

We also have the resources and the know-how to craft comprehensive cross-border solutions and protocols to govern administrative processes. Our attorneys will engage effectively to meet the needs of any critical circumstances arising and make a cost-effective approach to forge the necessary solutions.

2- Refinancing and Fundraising

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi , Al-Saif work closely with its clients to ensure that organizations raise money in a proper manner. Our lawyers are committed to the highest standards of fundraising practice in line with the related codes of conduct, legal requirements, confidentiality, transparency and respect.

Experienced attorneys at AL- Wagayan, Al-Awadhi & Al-Saif offer clients assistance with refinancing as a sound financial choice that enables them to meet their needs, including lower interest rates, extending the repayment period, accelerating equity build-up and providing funds for major expenses or consolidating debts.

3- Restructuring and Reorganization Strategy

Our clients appreciate our attorneys’ expertise in business strategy as they work on helping and analyzing plans, restructuring alternatives and financial forecasts by means of innovative approaches to bring cutting-edge solutions. Our team of dedicated lawyers has a renowned record of round table negotiations on restructuring agreements and complex assignments. Our restructuring specialists have an extensive experience and understanding in legal issues pertaining to financial troubles and deliver practical solutions regardless of the level of complexity.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif attorneys work closely with clients in the planning phase of their business reorganization and the reassessment of their existing plans to make significant changes. Our expertise enables us to set new and realistic goals to make sure that our client’s businesses are in the right profit making areas.

4- Enhancing Security

At (NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif, we handle complex and high-stakes securities litigation as our experienced lawyers have the necessary resources to assess cases and execute the most efficient litigation strategy.

Our field of experience includes securities class action, internal investigations, accountants’ and professional liability, corporate control litigation and special committee representation among other areas. Attorneys at (NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif offer cutting-edge securitization techniques transactions and deals that will work best for our clients.  

We represent issuers, directors, officers, broker-dealers, specialist firms, investors, advisors, rating agencies and others in courts, investigations, enforcement and administrative proceedings.

5- Disposals, including pre-packaged solutions

offers pre-packaged solution for business problems. Our costumers depend on our lawyers to offer cost efficient solutions that address specific needs in their business operations.

They are focused on delivering a targeted set of pre-packaged solutions that will improve our clients’ existing implementation to give additional value to their investments.  

We have expert attorneys who will work closely with our clients to deliver them the best returns and they will plan business disposal, prepare it for sale, recommend ways to increase business value, identify potential buyers and negotiate with them, advise on heads of terms and sales agreement, set tax plan to minimize overall tax payable and invest the proceeds.

6- Debt recovery options

Debt recovery lawyers at Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif adopts an approach to work with clients and credit managers to review options and determine the most effective solutions. Our team of experts will assess our clients’ present practices and whether they are exposing them to bad debt and then work on improving the potential for rapid recovery.

7- Advice on the priority of security

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif’s securities practice includes a group of regulatory attorneys and litigators who represent investment firms, banks, investment advisers and deliver advice on market structure and other regulatory issues including the regulation of national securities exchanges, alternative trading systems and compliance issues.

We are experienced in all aspects of problems related to dispute resolution in security law matters; broker-dealer claims, allegations of fraud, enforcement actions, private proceedings, tender offers and proxy contests.

Our attorneys also keep our clients updated on new legislation affecting insurance companies, banks and securities firms.  

8- All formal insolvency procedures and office holders’ conduct and regulation

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif will assist its clients through the formal procedures from A to Z. Our team of experienced attorneys will advise clients on administration, company voluntary liquidation, compulsory liquidation, bankruptcy, corporate voluntary arrangement and individual voluntary arrangement.

Our team is skilled in handling sophisticated disputes relating to insolvency processes including disputed security rights, retention of title disputes, property disputes and contractual disputes.

9- International asset tracing and recovery

We will help clients trace cash and other valuable assets in the unlawful of third parties.
Our professional team of International Asset Tracing and Recovery will help clients in locating and recovering assets lost due to fraud or misconduct. They will safeguard the assets during the course of investigation while meeting the standards of ethical conduct.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif will work with its clients’ legal advisers to keep track of electronic accounting and banking systems that often contribute in the fraudulent appropriation of funds through different means. Our Asset Tracing and Recovery experts will set plans to locate, identify, freeze and recover misappropriated funds as quickly and discretely as possible.

10- Investigative work and litigation

Clients trust (NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif to provide financial assessment and research in litigation cases as disputes between solicitors and their clients are growing more complex.

We provide assistance in areas of loss of profits, partnership disputes, fraud and financial investigations, fatal accidents and professional negligence. Our attorneys provide flexible services that meet the demands of the case at hand.

We will act in a straightforward manner with our clients thus demonstrating whether their case is strong or weak. Our dedicated lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of the legal process and based on it, they adopt an investigative approach to each case to piece together facts and deliver scientific and practical solutions.