Excellence in care and attention

(NEN) AL-Wagayan ,Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif takes pride in its dedication to the importance, confidence and trust derived from the attorney-client relationship. We recognize and work by the ideal that an attorney must be the provider of sound solution-based advice in corporate decision-making and must be aggressive, distinguished and knowledgeable in litigation.


While we are guided by the firm knowledge of the law, our professional relationships are not defined by limited legal applications, but rather our attorneys strive to take a personal interest in our clients by understanding and learning their business and backgrounds to help formulate effective decision-making Practices.

(NEN) AL-Wagayan, Al-Awadhi, Al-Saif is the largest law firm in Kuwait offering local solutions to international and global transactions and litigation matters. By combining both premier Kuwaiti attorneys along with multi-national professionals, our law firm is able to provide our clients with the best of both Middle Eastern and Western legal expertise.

Our firm regularly provides legal services and solutions to large U.S, European and other foreign multi-national companies that are doing business in Kuwait and in Arabian Gulf States as a whole. Our firm also represents many of the more established Kuwaiti banks, investment companies, insurance companies and merchant families. As a result of our bilingual skills in the Arabic and English languages, we are completely comfortable dealing in both the Arabic and Anglo speaking worlds.

Our attention is firmly focused on the understanding of client problems. Our founding principles continue to be the understanding of clients, providing sound legal work in a courteous, timely and ethical manner and creating long-term relationships with our clients.