Alaa Halil


Alaa Saad Aid Atiyya Haleel
(Islamic Finance)
Commercial and civil attorney specialized in commercial companies, labor, media and compensation cases

Contact Numbers:
Telephone: + 965 22407040
Fax: + 965 22407030
Mobile: + 965 99351645

Alaa Saad Aid Atiyya Haleel is a legal attorney who has worked in the Arab Republic of Egypt since graduating in 2005. He started working in (NEN) Al Waqyan, Al Awadhi and Al Saif Law Firm as of 2009. His experience is based on Islamic finance, commercial, civil, labor, and personal affairs cases.

Professional Experience:
Attorney before the Egyptian judicial authority since 2005 until 2007
Attorney at  (NEN) Al Waqyan, Al Awadhi and Al Saif Law Firm

Education and University Qualifications:
Bachelors Degree in Law – Menofia University in 2005

Cases of commercial companies of all kinds
Administrative and labor cases
Criminal cases
Personal affairs cases
Civil compensation cases
Commercial bank cases

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