Douaij Al-Kandary


Duaij Adnan Al Kandari
(Islamic Fonance & Arbitration)




Contact Numbers:
Telephone: + 965 22407040
Fax: + 965 22407030
Mobile: + 965 99295558

Duaij Adnan Al Kandari has been an attorney at (NEN)Al Waqyan, Al Awadhi and Al Saif Law Firm starting 2007 and to this date. He is registered at the Kuwait Attorneys Association and he established several major companies as well as liquidated several others. He has experience in investment funds, Islamic finance and portfolios. He merged several companies and represented the most prominent Kuwaiti companies before courts.
Duaij Adnan Al Kandari is fluent in both, Arabic and English.

Education/ Qualifications:
Isra University – Bachelors in Law in 2006
Masters student in Commercial Law at the University of Applied Sciences in Bahrain starting 2008

Investment companies
Merging and occupying
Commercial law
Banking facilities
Several arbitration sessions
Criminal law

Main cases:
Several real estate cases
Cases regarding the security of the State
Consultant for several investment companies
Consultant for several real estate companies
Attended several disclosure cases (share distribution)
Appeals for including companies in the Kuwait Stock Exchange
Investigating in the violations of the companies included in the Kuwait Stock Exchange

Main Clients:
Mezzan and its subsidiaries
4Films Company
SmartScene Company
Gulf Bank

First Session for Arab Arbitrators – 2007
Referring to the constitutional court
Session for developing legal skills, defenses and writing memoranda – 2007
Session on arbitration in conflicts pertaining to administrative contracts – 2009
Session for managing a law firm
Session on arbitration in international conflicts

Member in the Kuwait Lawyers Association