(NEN)Al-wagayan, Al-Awadhi , Al-Saif deliver a lecture in the American University of the Middle

Lawyers, Duaij Al-Kandry and Ibrahim Al-wagayan delivered a lecture in the American University of the Middle East about companies code, investment funds. In this lecture Ibrahim Al-wagayan spoke about the types of the companies and its subdivisions according to Kuwait law of commercial companies. While the lawyer, Duaij Al-Kandry spoke about the investment funds, the process of regulating and managing them according to the Kuwait law. In this lecture, students asked the lawyers some legal questions .The lawyers answered these questions. This lecture is a part of the legal awareness campaign headed by Hadeel Al-shuraian, the marketing manager in (NEN). Through this campaign, (NEN) aimed at spreading the legal culture . (NEN) is trying to support companies, governmental institutions and individuals by explaining and discussing the latest legislations and laws through meetings and workshops for each institution.